Best Budget Laptops for Note Taking In College 2021

Best Budget Laptops for Note Taking In College

Proper laptops allow you to complete your tasks, edit videos, play games, and enjoy your movies. For 2-in 1 laptops, they take the experience to a whole new level and allows you to switch between tablet mode and laptop. It makes your life easier and gets the job done. These flexible machines are useful for commuters, students, gamers, and traveling business individuals. They are lightweight and open up a world of new possibilities. In this guide, we have gathered the 5 best laptops for note-taking in the market to help you be more productive in all your tasks. Minimum Requirements

Features Minimum System Requirements Recommended System Requirements
CPU Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 Intel Core i7 or above
RAM 4GB 8GB RAM or above
Storage 256GB SSD 512GB SSD or above
Display 15.6-inch HD (1366 x 768) 15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080)
Battery Life Up to 5 hours 8 hours or more
Operating System Windows 8 Windows 10 Pro

The TOP 5 Best Budget Laptops for Note Taking In College for 2021:

#1 Best Overall: Lenovo Yoga 9i 2-in-1

Features: CPU: Intel Core i7| RAM: 16 GB| Storage: 1TB PCIe SSD| Display: 14″ FHD| Battery Life: 11hrs| OS: Windows 10 Home| Weight: 3.02 lbs CPU:  This machine offers you impressive 11th Generation Intel Core i7 processors with speeds of up to 4.80 GHz. This means it receives command fast and delivers the results you need. Kiss the slow computers goodbye and adopt one that can get things done on time. RAM: The machine features 16GB system memory allowing you to multitask between your projects and gaming. Storage: You can utilize the large 1TB storage system to save your documents, music, movies, and other files. The extra storage space also allows you to start up your laptop faster start-up time, reduce noise, helps you access data quickly. Display: With the 14” FHD touchscreen, you can enjoy crisp, bright, and vibrant images. It offers you a phenomenon gaming experience with realistic 3D characters. Battery Life You no longer have to worry about the battery life, with the 11 hours of backup power, you can get more work done without running around looking for your charger. Operating System The new and improved windows 10 makes your experience easier and displays the apps and folders in an organized manner. Windows 10 is user friendly and responds to simple commands easily. Weight: When it comes to weight, this laptop weighs 3.02lbs allowing you to carry it around. The machine is compact, lightweight, and beautiful. It is scratch resistance and won’t worry about carrying it in a bag. Verdict: Lenovo yoga 9i allows you to transform your laptop into a tablet. It is has a flexible and sleek finish. You can use it for schoolwork, business, video editing, light gaming, and whatever your heart desires. It features a large 14” display, Intel Core i7 processor, 16 GB RAM, and 1TB storage space. The hinge that converts the device is powerful and you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

#2 Best Affordable: Microsoft Surface Book 3

Features: CPU: Intel Core i7| RAM: 16 GB| Storage: 256GB| Display: 14.0″ Full HD| Battery Life: 14.5-hours| OS: Windows 10| Weight: 3.74 pounds CPU:  You can now power through your daily tasks using the fastest surface laptop in the market. Thanks to the super speed, you can easily edit large video files, tackle intensive tasks, and can enjoy the latest high-quality video games. RAM: With 16 GB, your laptop processes data fast and allows you to multitask and open several tabs without hanging. It can be annoying not being able to handle several tasks in different tabs. Storage: Laptops are little offices and with a large 256GB of storage, you can save all your documents, family pictures, TikTok videos, and fancy software. Small storage space can be limiting but this machine opens a world of possibilities. Display: Surface Book 3 features a strikingly beautiful display with good graphics. The 14” screen allows you to appreciate the intensive video and high-octane resolution gaming. The large screen allows you to jot your thoughts, create slideshows, or even enjoy a movie. Battery Life: With the extended 14.5 hours, you can create your best work or beat deadlines at your favorite café house without fighting for the charging slots. Enjoy the ambiance and let your creative juices flow without your battery depleting halfway. Operating System With the new windows 10 and Microsoft 365, you can be more productive and achieve better results. Verdict: Microsoft Surface is a cool machine with a hinge design that allows you to convert your laptop into a tablet. This cool feature allows you to take notes, watch movies, play games, and edit videos conveniently. The machine is lightweight, compact, and a beautiful glossy finish.

#3 Best for Flexibility: Acer ConceptD 3 

Features: CPU: Intel Core i7| RAM: 16 GB| Storage: 512GB | Display: 14 Inches| Battery Life: 11 hrs| OS: Windows 10 Pro| Weight: 3.74 pounds CPU:  Thanks to the 10th generation i7 Intel core processor with speeds of up to 5.0GHz, you can handle your office work efficiently. The laptop starts up fast and is eager to help you accomplish your goals. It won’t embarrass you as you try to start your presentation and it takes too long to load. RAM: With the 16 GM RAM, the laptop allows you to multitask and use different software, folders, and apps. It processes data fast and lets you complete tasks fast. It can handle large files with any drag time. Storage: For extra storage, this machine offers you 512 GB allowing you to save all your movies, music, work power points, schoolwork, pictures, and anything else that you care about. Display: With the 14” full 1080 HD screen, you can enjoy the latest gaming, movies, and videos with clarity and realistic images. The display features LED-backlit IPS corning gorilla glass 5 anti-glare display with a responsive stylus and integrated touch. Battery Life This laptop brings you up to 14.5 of power backup. It saves you time and helps you bring your machine to your presentation and holds up during the whole process. Operating System With windows 10 home and Microsoft 365, you can navigate your laptop easily. The system is user-friendly and allows you to be productive on a daily basis. Weight: This machine comes in a compact size. It weighs 3.74 pounds making it easier to carry it around. It is lightweight and has a sleek finish. Verdict: Acer Concept D offers you a beautiful 2-in1 machine to assist you with your daily task. It is responsive, fast, and highly efficient. It combines functionality and practical features to make your work easier. It comes with a large screen and fantastic battery life.

#4 Best Touchscreen: Newest Lenovo ThinkBook 14s

Features: CPU: Intel Core i7| RAM: 16 GB| Storage: 256 GB DDR4| Display: 15 Inches| Battery Life: 17.5 hours battery life| OS: Windows 10 Home| Weight: 7.79 lbs CPU:  Thanks to the 11th generation Intel Core i7, you can now enjoy supersonic processor speed allowing you to complete your task in a timely manner. The fast speed is great for gaming, streaming, video editing, downloading, or uploading content for your website, coding, and video calls. It allows you to challenge your creativity and enjoy a vivid experience. RAM and storage: Lenovo ThinkBook offers you 16GB Ram to help you store and save large files fast. With the 512GB storage space, you can save all your projects, gaming applications, and other important stuff without the need of buying an external storage unit. Display: The machine comes with a large 14” touchscreen display that features a massive corning glass touchscreen and Dolby vision. The display also has good graphics that deliver high-efficiency power to support your study, entertainment, and daily workload. Battery Life For simpler happier work life, this machine offers you up to 17.5 hours of battery life. This means you no longer have to panic if you forget to charge your laptop overnight. Furthermore, it accommodates fast charging meaning it fills up fast allowing you to focus on other things. Operating System With the powerful windows 10, you can work professionally and maximize your productivity. The system allows you to manage your tasks, increase your productivity, and safeguard your files. Weight: This machine weighs 3.50lbs making it easy to carry around in a backpack or work bag. It has a sleek finish and you’ll make your colleagues jealous of your new laptop. Verdict: Lenovo ThinkPad 14s offers you a vivid experience with wonderful features such as the large display touchscreen, 16GB RAM, 512 GB storage, Intel Core i7 processor, and long-lasting battery life. This allows you to be productive and accomplish your daily task in style.

#5 Best High-End for Gaming: Dell XPS 15 

Features: CPU: Intel core i5| RAM: 8 GB| Storage: 256 GB| Display: 15.6 Inches| Battery Life: 8 hours| OS: Windows 10| Weight: 7.54 pounds CPU:  This model offers an Intel Core i5 processor with a top speed of about 3.8GHz. you can upgrade it to Intel Core i7 but it’s not necessary if you need the machine for basic tasks. It can handle most of the normal activities and won’t disappoint you with long loading hours. You can now enjoy streaming movies, music, or vivid games. RAM and storage: With the 8GB, the machine loads fast and allows you to access data without hesitation. You can also save all your projects, large files, and gaming software thanks to the 256 GB storage. You can now enjoy your favorite shows with a click of a button. Display: As for the screen, the machine features a 15.6 inch high-quality screen, with a 1920×1080 resolution. Battery Life Compared to other laptops on this list, 8 hours is shorter but still convenient. Operating System With Windows 10, you can enjoy a beautiful working experience, with vivid and responsive apps. It is super fast and efficient. Weight: This laptop is lightweight and slim allowing you to fit in your handbag or office bag without weighing you down. It also has a clean and sleek finish. Verdict: Dell XPS 14s brings you a powerful performance, stunning design, and efficient features. The 2-in 1 allows you to rotate the device fully and use it in tablet mode. This makes it convenient for editing, presentation, gaming, and watching movies.

Other Guides:


#1. Is it worth getting a 2 in 1 Laptop?

2-in1 laptops are a worthy investment. They are diverse, flexible, lightweight, and versatile. They offer you touchscreen displays, fast processors, and storage for all your documents. They are the best option for commuters, gamers, and professionals. You might not achieve much with the traditional tablet but a convertible laptop bridges that gap.

#2. What is the best 2 in 1 laptop to buy?

Lenovo Yoga is the 2-in 1 laptop on this list. It comes in a beautiful frame, features a fast Intel Core i7 processor, plenty of storage space, and a touch screen. It is portable and slim to fit in your pocket bag and weighs less. You can use it during your presentations and multitask without it hanging or lagging. It can be embarrassing especially when you’re trying to impress your boss or the investors but your machine won’t start. That situation is totally unavoidable and Lenovo Yoga will help you stand out.

#3. Why would I want a 2 in 1 Laptop?

A 2-in 1 machine is great for your business, school work, and creative projects. They offer you amazing features to make your life easier. Also, it is great for gaming and entertainment after completing your tasks. A 2-in1 laptop is responsive to commands and allows you to access your data fast.

#4. Should I get a 2 in 1 laptop for college?

Yes, you can definitely get a 2-in-1 laptop for college. Obviously, you’ll need a laptop to complete your assignments, and splurging on a 2-in 1 laptop is worth it. You can save all your essays, prepare group discussions and save all the notes. Also, these laptops are lightweight and won’t be tiresome to carry on your back as you skate down the streets.

#5. What is the difference between a touch screen laptop and a 2-in-1 Laptop?

A touchscreen laptop allows you to use your fingers on the screen instead of a mouse. It is faster and great for editing and lightweight work. However, if you are heavy on data entry or writing, a 2-in-1 laptop is the better option. The 2-in-1 laptop allows you to switch between laptop and tablet without compromising the quality of your work. Most of them are also touchscreen and allows you to enjoy fast-speed processors on a daily basis.


2-in 1 laptops allow you to have a real portable machine with fast processors, powerful operating systems, and flexibility. You can either use it as a traditional laptop or turn it into a tablet that offers you the functionality and great convenience. With the list of the best laptops for note-taking, you can now get the machine of your dreams. Although the price tag is a little high, any of these laptops will give you value for your money. Happy shopping!