PaceNCount 1.1

PaceNCount is a program that helps to pace and count physical exercise moves. The count is displayed in large font on a window that is maximized to the screen so that it is clearly visible from a distance.You can set the pace timing interval, the maximum number of paces and pacing start delay time to enable you to get into position.

To ensure that the counter display is uninterrupted, the program automatically detects whether the screen saver is active and if so, it temporarily switches it off while the program is running and it also automatically disables the computer`s power save/off mode when this program is running.

The user is able to customize the timer display by selecting a font type, style and size. Additionally, the user is able to change the text color and display background color.

The user can control the program using three push buttons: Start, Pause, and Stop.

Here are the steps to using this program.

Step 1. Set the preferences, particularly Start delay, Pace interval and Count limit. (Select menu Settings, Preferences or press the F2 key.)

Step 2. Click the Start button

Optional Step 3. Click the Pause button to pause the program. To resume the program, click the Start button.

Optional Step 4. Click the Stop button to stop the program.

Step 5. At the end of the count limit, the counter will automatically stop and play an alarm sound. To begin a new repetition, click the Start button.

These are the user preferences.

1. Enable or disable display of program`s startup screen.

2. Enable or disable program log.

3. Buttons position from left

4. Buttons position from top

5. Counter display position from top

6. Start delay (in milliseconds)

7. Pace interval (in milliseconds)

8. Count limit (no. of paces)

9. Enable or disable pacing sound.

10. Enable or disable alarm when pace count limit is reached.

11. Allows user to select a wav file as pacing or alarm sound or use its internal sound if no file is selected.

Updated: 2009-03-12
License: 10.00$
Publisher: Yeoh HS
Size: n/a
System: Win98, WinXP
Language: English

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PaceNCount 1.1: Pace and count exercise moves with user-defined pace interval and count limit.

  • Pace and count exercise moves with user-defined pace timing interval and count limit with alarm sound when limit is reached. User can also set counter text font, style and size, text color and background color. Also, allows setting of pacing sound.
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