Xpert-Timer BASIC 2.7.0

The working day is over and yet again you are wondering where all your time has gone? If you want to identify your time wasters and optimize your workflow, you should have a look at Xpert-Timer BASIC. This version is available for 49.- USD and targets freelancers. The BASIC version focuses on time tracking and reporting only. A document management, invoice module or client management is not included.

Especially freelancers often don`t keep track of how much time they spent on certain projects. It`s so important to know, whether your estimation was correct, so you charge enough the next time you work on a similar project. Xpert-Timer is an easy to use application that can save you time and money. And all it needs is a couple of steps to create the projects, hit start and there you go...the time is running.

There is a wide variety of reports included in Xpert-Timer. You can design your own print templates, so the reports are printed with your own company logo. Also, you can set prices for every single project and also for yourself as the user. Therefore every project and every sub project can have its` own price. Perfect for your profit / loss calculation.

Xpert-Timer BASIC is also available for a U3-USB Stick. So if you are travelling a lot, or if you are working on other peoples` computer, this might be the solution for you.

Updated: 2011-08-10
License: 49.00$
Publisher: Xpert-Design Software
Size: 9.6 Mb
Require: Windows
System: WinXP
Language: English, German

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Xpert-Timer BASIC 2.7.0: Xpert-Timer BASIC. Timetracking and professional reporting.

  • There are only a few steps to successful project time tracking: The project manager is your main hub of Xpert-Timer. There you can open the dialog to enter a new project. Just enter the details, like project name, start, estimated finish and also create your sub projects. As soon as you are finished, you can track time on the project and print a wide variety of reports. Xpert-Timer BASIC was designed especially for time tracking and reporting.
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