Windows 7 Active Directory 10.12.01

Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting is an enterprise level tool, which is designed to streamline Windows 7 Active Directory. The software helps managing users, computers, groups, domains, event logs, etc. from a central location. Using the software, objects management related tasks can be executed in bulk. For example, password of several user accounts can be reset in one click, disabled user accounts can be enabled in one click, multiple computers can be moved from one container to other, and so on.

Managing printers installed on any PC, managing event logs generated on any computer, managing network shares on any computer, and performing various other Windows 7 Active Directory management related task is too fast and easy with the software. Configuring policy settings, specifying logon hours, managing Exchange functions, generating AD reports, and updating users’ personal information are some of the tasks that require significant time and knowledge about Windows 7 Active Directory. Now, executing all AD management related tasks has become few-step process instead of multi-step process because of the Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting solution. The software provides wizards to help managing AD objects in a flawless manner.

Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting is sophisticated tool, which is designed to support all versions of Windows operating systems including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2000 Server, and Windows 2008 Server. The software is always available for free trial using which Windows 7 Active Directory can be managed for 30 days.

Updated: 2011-06-28
License: 149.00$
Publisher: Windows 7 Active Directory
Size: 3.8 Mb
Require: Pentium II 400 MHz , 64 MB RAM , 10 MB
System: Win98, WinXP
Language: English

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Windows 7 Active Directory 10.12.01: Manage objects in Windows 7 Active Directory

  • Active Directory objects like users, computers, groups, Exchange accounts, event logs, etc. are not only difficult to manage but time consuming too. Each process regarding objects management requires significant time and knowledge. Therefore, to effectively manage Windows 7 Active Directory objects, Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting tool is developed.
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