WinCatalog 2.5

It`s more than a simple CD cataloger. It`s WinCatalog.

What is WinCatalog? The Three-Word-Answer is "CD catalog software". But WinCatalog is much more. Actually, WinCatalog is a program for cataloging disks, folders, files and even non-file items such as books or home inventory. With WinCatalog, you can take stock of every item in your environment.

Here are some thoughts on the program:

Each PC user, web surfer or music fan has dozens of disks burned with programs, downloaded web pages or music, digital photos or other files. And he or she periodically asks three questions: (a) which disk a file (document, song, etc.) is burned on, (b) where that disk is located and (c) who has taken the disk?

WinCatalog answers all these questions.

You do not need to re-purchase a song just because you can`t find the purchased one. With WinCatalog, you will never lose your files again. Just type a song title and WinCatalog will tell you on which disk it is burned as well as the location of that disk.

Can`t find a disk? Run WinCatalog and it will tell you who borrowed the particular disk (and when it was borrowed too!)

Do you want to catalog books? You can catalog books in the same way as disks and track every book location and availability.

Do you want to catalog your garage storage? Not a problem, just use custom records. One item in the program can represent one real item from your storage. Attach a comment if you want and you will always know what is kept at home.

Do you want to try WinCatalog for FREE? Download WinCatalog today and get your time unlimited FREE trial. The evaluation version allows you to add up to 5 volumes into a single collection file. Start cataloging right now and you will be able to merge your collections in the future.

Updated: 2007-12-07
License: 29.95$
Size: 1.8 Mb
Require: Windows 98 / 2000 / 2003 / XP or Vista
System: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT4x, WinXP, Win2000
Language: English

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WinCatalog 2.5: A Program for Cataloging Disks, Folders, Files, Books, CDs and more.

  • With WinCatalog, you can: Catalog all your files - on your PC and on removable media, and keep the catalogs on hand so you can find what you need wherever it is. Easily find, extract and keep complete information about your files, including MP3 tags, ZIP and archive file contents, and even audio CD track names from the Internet. Catalog your "real" books, home inventory, CDs, DVDs and collections in addition to your online ones.
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