NiceAlarm 1.7

NiceAlarm was specially designed for convergent devices powered by Symbian OS. This application helps you to expand the possibilities of the standard (built-in) alarm and customize all alarms according to your needs and wishes.

Main application’s merits in comparison with other standard and third-party programs are:

Variety of alarm types.

Stylish graphical interface.

Alarms control and protection system.

Maximal possibilities for program customization.

Our new alarm application was designed considering User’s ideas and wishes as well as constructive critics in address of the previous NiceAlarm versions. We made an attempt to rationalize the application and combine maximum number of features with handy interface. Application was designed following the non-intervention approach to the usual mobile handheld usage policies.

NiceAlarm main features:

* Six alarm types.

* Alarms filtering.

* Vibration option.

* Sound folders selection.

* Standard and Stand-by alarms.

* Alarm text messages support.

* Extended customization options.

* Alarm optional deactivation code support.

* Minimal server part among similar applications.

* Extended sound support (tone selection or random tone).

Try NiceAlarm by yourself to explore all possibilities and alarm functionality improvements.

Detailed description of every function can be found in the User`s Manual.

Forum and additional information is accessible on the official web-site:

Updated: 0000-00-00
License: 10.95$
Publisher: VerySoft LLC
Size: n/a
Require: 500kb of ROM to install and up to 100 kb of RAM to operate
System: Symbian
Language: English, Russian

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NiceAlarm 1.7: NiceAlarm is outstanding alarm manager for S60 smartphones

  • NiceAlarm - the most powerful and easy-to-use Symbian OS alarm. Only with it you can select any music tone for every alarm you setup, specify deactivation code to avoid oversleeping, personalize iteration quantity and timeout, add alarm text notes, adjust notification and even more! Don`t miss this pretty wake up helper.
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