X Sticky Notes

X Sticky Notes expands the meaning of sticky note with many features:

If you do not want desktop get mess by many sticky notes, You can hide your note by dragging it to any edge of your screen, when mouse touch the hiding note`s border, it will show again.

You can stick note to window or program, for e.g. document or web page.

You can copy large text or long url text into note.

You can edit the sticky note`s title.

You can customize the sticky note`s background with any image or color that you want, or add transparency effects, let the sticky note look vivid.

You can drag & drop files(documents, programs, pictures), folders as note`s attachments. the attachment can place anywhere in your texts, double click to open it.

Despite all these features, the zip of X Sticky Notes weighs only 1.6MB, and very low CPU cost.

Updated: 1970-01-01
License: 19.95$
Publisher: TuYaPing
Size: n/a
Require: . NET Framework 2 . 0 or higher
System: WinXP
Language: English

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  • The Main Features of X Sticky Notes Lite: You can hide your note by draging it to any edge of your screen. You can stick note to websites, documents, programs or any other window. You can edit the sticky note`s title. You can drag any document(e.g. Excel, Word, Exe, Picture) to you note, and double click the icon to open it when you want to. You can set your favorite photo as the background of the note.
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