Moodle Chat Module for123 Flash Chat 7.6

With the help of Moodle Chat Module, integrating Moodle with 123 Flash Chat Server Software seamlessly, easily & securely.

Features of Free Moodle Chat of 123 Flash Chat:

1) Auto-login;

2) Free Integration: 123 Flash Chat offers free integration service for Hosting Service buyer or Chat Software buyer;

3) 123 Flash Chat for Moodle can run on different browser in many different platforms, such as Windows, Linux, Unix & Mac.

More About 123 Flash Chat:

123 Flash Chat is a full-featured & managed chat application, which can add a chat room to your website in minutes.

3 solutions for Webmasters:

1) Free 123 Flash Chat Host

Advantages: It’s hosted by 123 Flash Chat free of charge, no limitation to the number of concurrent user, and provide basic chat function and flash game port.& options of chat skin. (Limitation: Some management functions are unavailable.)

2) Free version of 123 Flash Chat software

Advantages: full functions. All cool optional modules of 123 Flash Chat are available, including webcam chat & customizable Logo. (The only limit is 10 concurrent users will be allowed.)

3) Charged version of 123FlashChat hosting service / server software

Advantages: Full 7*24 hours support service, multi-client choice, No commercials, and meet your more need for integration. Start at $19.

Updated: 2010-06-24
License: Free
Publisher: TopCMM Software Corp.
Size: n/a
System: Win98, WinXP, Unix, Linux, LinuxConsole, LinuxGnome, LinuxGPL, LinuxOpenSource, MacOSX, MacOther, PocketPC
Language: English, Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Other, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

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Moodle Chat Module for123 Flash Chat 7.6: Integrate 123 Flash Chat and create A/V and Text Chat Room into Moodle.

  • 123 Flash Chat Moodle Module offers you flexible & seamless integration of Moodle with the leading web-based Chat Software. And the Moodle Chat is a feature rich and high performance Java chat server with an amazing Flash chat client, and could make your Moodle more interactive, change the visitors to registered members and get them stick to your website. Other Features of Free Moodle Chat: 1) Auto-login 2) Free Installation and Integration.
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