X-Con Spyware Destroyer

Features include a three scan choice option:

Quick Scan - a scanner that checks the usual places malware tend to hide

Full Scan - a scanner that checks your complete system

Freezer Scan - the creators of X-Con Spyware Destroyer invented freezer scan technology. Thus, X-Con is the only product on the market with freezer scan ingenuity. The scanner freezes your complete system to prevent malware from operating. X-Con then scans and removes the intruders from your system.

Other Features:

Boot Time Scan

Scan Notify

Auto Update

New Update Notify

Auto Scan

Scan Different Drives

Updated: 2007-06-15
License: Free
Publisher: Todd Dube
Size: 15.9 Mb
Require: 500 Mhz processor
System: WinNT3x, WinNT4x, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003
Language: English

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X-Con Spyware Destroyer The creators of X-Con Spyware Destroyer have invented Freezer Scan Technology.

  • Freezes malware to prevent execution, or evading scan. Stops and removes malware services, kills malware related processes, scans and removes registry, folder and file malware. Scans for malware dll files, unregisters them and deletes them. Scans for malware executable files and removes them, malware files in use are deleted on next reboot. A boot clean up scan is available.
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