ContactGenie Toolkit 1.5.5

ContactGenie Toolkit - 25+ functions for Outlook `2000-`2010 in 8 categories to manage both standard and user-defined field data with full preview and ability to override any pending change prior to update. Supports both Outlook PST and Exchange based mailbox and public contact folders. Field manipulation functions include clear, paste, find & replace, change text case, trim field, change company name and address. Data transfer functions include move, copy and switch field data. Standardization functions for MessageClass, CompanyName, FileAs, EmailDisplayAs, Fullname, and SelectedMailingAddress fields. Export contact data to CSV text file. User-defined field functions to rename custom field names and manage orphan user-defined fields at the contact item level. Easily apply global changes to CompanyName, Company Address, Email and Web domain name changes. Remove duplicate contacts with Duplicate Contact Manager in automatic or preview mode. Scan single or multiple folders for duplicate contacts, Quickly review field usage density for all standard and custom fields. Filter contacts to only apply changes to a specific group. Quickly review complete individual contact information in summary or Outlook contact view. All pending updates can be saved to a CSV file which includes long-term contact EntryID for external updating. For international users, Outlook field names displayed as either Outlook internal names or Field Chooser display names in any one of 9 languages.

Updated: 2010-11-09
License: 49.00$
Publisher: The Claxton Group
Size: 13.1 Mb
Require: MS Outlook ` 2000 - ` 2010
System: WinXP
Language: English

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ContactGenie Toolkit 1.5.5: ContactGenie Toolkit - 25+ utility functions for Outlook `2000-`2010

  • ContactGenie Toolkit - 25 functions for Outlook `2000-`2007 enabling changes to individual standard and custom fields; standardize CompanyName, FileAs, EmailDisplayAs, Fullname, SelectedMailingAddress fields; contact export; user-defined field name changes; manage orphan user-defined fields; global changes for CompanyName, Company Address, Email and Web addresses. Preview/override changes. Remove duplicate contacts.
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