ContactGenie DataPorter Pro 2.0.219

ContactGenie DataPorter, available in Pro, Personal, and Remote editions, is a contact import tool for Microsoft Outlook 2000/2007 for rapid processing of contact information received or generated on a repetitive basis. Supports Outlook custom forms, user-defined Outlook fields, data type/format validation on import, user-defined criteria for input record selection for all supported input file types, user-defined contact update criteria and automated duplicate deletion processing. Individual fields can also be appended to on update. Provides for the creation of XML and CSV output files which can be processed via remote DataPorter client editions.

XML and CSV contact output files generated by DataPorter can be automatically distributed via email without user-intervention at the time of creation (Pro Edition Only). A free single purpose companion remote client is optionally available.

All major file formats are supported including Microsoft SQL, MySQL, XML (attribute centric on input, attribute or element centric on output), and MS Outlook contact folders on input and can be run on an unattended scheduled basis via command line operation.

Updated: 2009-09-24
License: 379.00$
Publisher: The Claxton Group
Size: 5.8 Mb
Require: Must be able to run MS Office 2000 / 2007 .
System: WinXP, Win2000, Win2003
Language: English

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ContactGenie DataPorter Pro 2.0.219: The automated power contact import robot for MS Outlook 2000-2007

  • ContactGenie DataPorter, a contact import and automated distribution tool for MS Outlook 2000/2007 enabling rapid processing of new contact information received on a repetitive basis. Supports Outlook custom forms, user-defined fields, user-defined input record selection and contact updates/deletions with field update options. Supports all major file formats including MS SQL, MySQL, & XML. Can be run via command line for unattended operation.
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