TaskMerlin Project Management Software

TaskMerlin is an intuitive and easy-to-use project management software and task management software tool. Task Merlin makes it simple to organize projects, schedules, tasks and to-do lists. Designed to boost individual productivity and foster team collaboration over an office network. Supports David Allen`s GTD (Getting Things Done) time management software system.

Unlike other project management software, TaskMerlin offers complete flexibility for naming, structuring, and viewing your tasks. Easily store, organize, manage, and retrieve information. This information can be as simple as notes and appointments, or as complex as multi-person, multi-year projects. Supports 7 Habits and David Allen`s GTD task and project management software system.

Whether you`re a business owner who needs to find a task manager that you can tailor to your exact needs, a manager who needs to track deadlines and deliverables with your project team, or a student who wants to keep track of course notes and web links, Task Merlin has the tools that you need.

Solutions include project management software, task management software, personal information organizer (PIM), to-do list software, GTD software, task outliner tool, time management software, bug tracker, notes editor, and calendar.

Features include rich text, in place editing, multiple task editing, full customization, keyboard shortcuts, e-mail, reminders, images, powerful search, visual SQL filtering, recurring tasks, Microsoft Outlook support, USB flash drive or memory stick, multi-user simultaneous database access over LAN and Internet, user security permissions and powerful administrative tools. Used for all your Project Management Software and Task Management Software needs.

Updated: 2010-11-01
License: 49.00$
Publisher: TaskMerlin Project Management Software
Size: 5.9 Mb
Require: Microsoft Windows
System: WinXP, Win2003
Language: English

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TaskMerlin Project Management Software Windows project management software, task management software and GTD software