M-DVD.Org V2 - DVD-Manager 2.5

The dilemma is well known:

DVDs are piling up on your shelf? You cannnot remember to whom you have lent which DVD?

M-DVD.Org V2 - DVD-Manager provides you with the overview on your DVD collection!

With growing DVD collections it is very easy to loose the overview on the treasures you have on the shelf.

M-DVD.Org V2 - DVD-Manager is the solution!

The all-rounder software for management of DVD collections, DVD and movie information, and DVD covers. All integrated under a uniform software interface.

M-DVD.Org V2 - DVD-Manager provides order, overview and is even able to fill in gaps without manual entry.

With a few clicks only you can easily select a DVD from the archive and transfer the data to the administration. All relevant information on the DVD and movie is saved automatically into the database. M-DVD.Org V2 - DVD-Manager completes missing details including the cover via the internet.

DVD - content, extras, actors, formats, and a lot of further details

The integrated DVD archive of M-DVD.Org V2 - DVD-Manager provides offline information on more than 25,000 DVDs + Blu-ray discs, HD DVDs and WMV HD. This information is kept up-to-date via an online connection.

Entering, sorting, grouping, filtering, modifying, marking, printing, exporting

M-DVD.Org V2 - DVD-Manager with its intuitive interface which offers a lot of features provides almost unlimited possibilities to customise data processing according to your perosnal needs.

The all-rounder software for DVD management!

Updated: 2007-11-16
License: 29.50$
Publisher: SynApp GmbH
Size: 31.6 Mb
Require: CPU : min . 500 MHz , RAM : min . 128 MB , min . 500 MB free momory , SVGA min . 800x600 , CD - ROM , Internet
System: WinXP, Win2000
Language: English

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M-DVD.Org V2 - DVD-Manager 2.5: Management of DVDs and covers incl. DVD archive. Quick & easy - without typing

  • M-DVD.Org V2 - DVD-Manager provides you with a uniform interface to manage your DVDs and the corresponding covers easily and professionally. With a few clicks only, easy selection of a DVD in the archive, and the quick transfer into the administration you can transfer all the relevant information of a DVD and movie into the database automatically. The database downloads missing details and the cover from the internet.
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