AfterCall 1.0

Do you often have to take some action right after the call? Like call back, make a note, make a calendar entry? Then AfterCall application is exactly for you!

After your conversation ends, the message window with call details appears, and you have quick access to all needed actions, like: call number, send message, add to contacts, add a calendar entry etc.

Using AfterCall for Series 60.3 you do not need to make unnecessary movements to add new numbers to the contact list or to assign a meeting, to send the SMS/MMS message to the number which was just calling you some minutes ago. When you activate the software you will be able to access messaging, calendar and contacts list right after the call. You will be able to see the call duration, the date and time of the call, to call back, to make new calendar entry, to send SMS/MMS message, to add this number to the contact list. This will ease your work with the phone.

You can set AfterCall in that way that it will activates only when you are receiving some new numbers, or to set it for different types of calls. Work with AfterCall will save you time and optimize your work with your mobile phone.

The trial version is limited for 10 days. A license code based on IMEI is provided upon purchase.

Key Features:

- Quick access to most used actions after a conversation ends

- Exact call info with the callers number always displayed

- Possibility to call back or send a message right after call end

- Possibility to create a calendar entry after the call

- Activation on selected types of calls: Incoming, Outgoing, Missed, Rejected, Busy calls.

- Activation only on unknown (not listed in the contacts) numbers possible.

Registration Information

The trial version is limited for 10 days. A license code based on IMEI is provided upon purchase.

Updated: 2009-06-03
License: 9.99$
Publisher: SymbianGuru
Size: n/a
Require: Series 60.3
System: Symbian
Language: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian

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AfterCall 1.0: AfterCall: send SMS or MMS messages exactly after the call

  • AfterCall is a convenient call, contacts and messages manager available right after the call. AfterCall application performs various actions after call ends. You can quickly send the SMS, MMS messages right after your call. Without unnecessary movements you can add number to your contact list or make a new note, calendar meeting or task. You can set the type of calls after which the software will be activated.
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