SWF Compressor 2.1

SWF Compressor is a great tool for web masters, web programmers and everyone who uses Flash content online. It reduces SWF files up to 60-70% with minimum quality loss.

SWF Compressor uses various algorithms of vectors, shapes, morphing, Z-buffer, fonts and other optimizations to save loading time and traffic.

With Eltima SWF Compressor you will have detailed information on the structure of the movie: size of shapes, images, morphs, sounds, fonts and other elements. More than that you will be able to compare the size of the whole movie and its elements separately before and after compression.

Even if you don`t know anything about Flash technology you can chose one of the compression settings available in SWF Compressor and have great results.

SWF Compressor supports Flash 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and Action Script 2 and 3. Its user friendly interface is divided into two tabs which offer advanced functionality on a separate file compression and batch SWF compression.

Using SWF Compressor by Eltima Software you will easily reduce the size of Flash file in several minutes with minimum quality loss. From now it also supports Flash 10 and has new command line options.

Updated: 2009-12-01
License: 99.95$
Publisher: SWF Compressor Software
Size: 17.6 Mb
Require: Processor : Pentium II class at least 300 MHz ; RAM : 128 MB ; 15 MB of initial free disk space
System: WinXP, Win2003
Language: English, French, German, Spanish

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SWF Compressor 2.1: SWF Compressor lets you reduce Flash size while saving its quality

  • Optimize Flash with ease! SWF Compressor is an advanced, though user-friendly solution that will help everyone reduce the size of any SWF file without quality loss thanks to amazing algorithms of vectors, shapes, morphing, Z-buffer, fonts and other revolutionary optimizations. SWF Compressor fully supports Flash 5, 6, 7, 8 and Flash 9 as well as ActionScript 2 and 3. Since version 2.1 it also supports Flash 10.
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