English for Beginners - Windows 5.0

The course is according to EU-Standards for languages: A1, A2 and B1.

The series 1 is a complete language course for beginners and is compatible with Mac and Windows.

You master the basics of a foreign language and work yourself up and well into the intermediate level. You learn to express yourself very well in everyday and simple work-related situations.

Choice of Teaching Language:

Chinese, German, French, Italian and Arabic

Language Course with 100 Lessons

- Spoken dialogue interaction with the computer

- Learn words by speaking or writing them

- Pronunciation training with voice recognition

- Intuitive grammar training

- Vocabulary Memory Games

- Words and sentences linked to reference tools

- Topics covering everyday life, travel and business

Additional Focused Learning Tools

- Pronunciation trainer with systematic training of all sounds

- Conversation trainer with 100 dialogue situations per level

- Vocabulary trainer with a flash card method and an individualised list of words

- Grammar trainer with 520 special exercises and 250 topics

Strokes Reference Suite including

- Complete grammar with 250 topics

- Dictionnary with 8000 spoken words and 3200 example sentences

- Table of conjugations with 1300 verbs

Voice Recognition

- Train dialogues, vocabulary and pronunciation interactively

- Conversation Trainer and Vocabulary Trainer

Mobile Learning without the Computer

- MP3-Export: Export complete dialogues and words of the dialogues for learning away from the computer

- Print Function :High quality printout of the lessons with the simultaneous export of relevant audio files

- Create lesson plans and set individual priorities

Updated: 2010-12-17
License: 123.00$
Publisher: Strokes International
Size: 290.4 Mb
Require: Disk Space 350 MB - Memory 512 MB - Microphone and Speakers - Sound Card - Internet Connection
System: WinXP
Language: English, German, French, Italian, Arabic, Chinese

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English for Beginners - Windows 5.0: Learn to speak and write in a foreign language quickly and effectively.

  • Learn English with Strokes EASY LEARNING. Learn to speak and write English quickly and effectively. Complete Language Software for Beginners. Contents covering everyday situations, travel and business: With Strokes Easy Learning you learn exactly what you need in real life situations. The new Version includes: Voice Recognition - Spoken dialogue Pronunciation - Vocabulary - Grammar etc.
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