Story Lite 2.2

Start using Story Lite, how did you write without it? Word processor, add callouts, sidebars, notes, comments. 5 star reviews. Improve writing, increase productivity. Never forget ideas or lose notes. Make comments with colors and position. Huge canvas, position many text editors. Publish, export many formats. Easy to use, simple, no learning curve yet powerful and advanced. Recommended software, many testimonials from writers, researchers, business users.

Use as an organizer and whiteboard or corkboard, with unlimited canvas, color, zooming, layering and many export formats. Increase productivity and all writing with unique layout of many any length notes. Great for brainstorms and mind maps. Use for outlining anything, and as an outliner for any long writing.

Zoom in, zoom out, all editors visible. Keep all ideas and notes in one big layout. Lose nothing, forget nothing. Write more forget less, zoom all, publish. Novel writing software, book writing, story writing, scripts, outline, short story, essays. For writing non fiction copy writing children`s fiction, bloggers. Use for writing a story, story writing, includes novel writing templates book writing tips. Plus many examples, how to write advice, creative writing advice.

Use as story structure software, plotting a novel, imaginative writing, article writing software. Use as book publishing software, lose no ideas, keep all notes hansy. Software for writing books and professional writing software.

Instant Publish to Web, Word Processor, export Image, to Social Media and Blogs. Group boxes for drag and clone. Transparent text backgrounds and Z level height for layering.

Maximize productivity. Simple interface with zoom canvas layout, change colors, resize, drag boxes, zoom to see canvas layout of boxes, zoom in to edit.

Amazing and powerful, easy, fast. Make layouts, zoom in and out, change color, Publish, export. Story Software is useful for ideas, notes, all writing jobs, editing and blogging. Many users.

Updated: 2013-06-29
License: 0.95$
Publisher: Story Software
Size: 28.8 Mb
Require: Mac ( not PowerPC ) v10 . 5 and above ; All Windows .
System: Win98, WinXP, MacOSX
Language: English

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Story Lite 2.2: Writing software, productive, notes, callout sidebar, zoom organizer, whiteboard

  • Write more, zooming all. Word processor, add callouts, sidebars, notes, comments. 5 star reviews. Improve writing, increase productivity. Best whiteboard, organizer, notes. Huge canvas, many texts. Publish, export many formats. Novel writing software, books, essay, scripts, ebook, outline plan. Structure story or non fiction. For copy, children`s, blogging. Brainstorm mind maps. How to write, fiction writing advice, creative writing. Easy to use.
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