Enterprise Architect for UML 2.3 9

Enterprise Architect is a flexible, complete and powerful UML 2.3 modeling tool for Windows Mac* and Linux* platforms (*via crossover). It is an object oriented visual modeling tool providing the competitive edge for system development, project management and business analysis.

Enterprise Architect is a comprehensive, full lifecycle, UML analysis and design tool, covering software development from requirements gathering, through to analysis, design, testing and maintenance. An impressive range of development languages are supported out of the box including ActionScript, C, C++, C# and VB .NET, Java, Visual Basic 6, Python, PHP, XSD, WSDL and more. A leading modeling platform, Enterprise Architect has a strong user base in over 130 countries worldwide.

Enterprise Architect is used for the development of various kinds of software systems for a wide range of industries, including: banking, web development, engineering, finance, medicine, research, academia, transport, retail, utilities, electrical engineering and many more. It is also used effectively for UML and business architecture training purposes in many prominent colleges, training companies and universities around the world.

Sparx Systems aims to satisfy the growing needs of the software and business development industry by providing immediate delivery and ongoing support of affordable, productive and user-friendly business/system design software. For more information visit the Sparx System website.

Updated: 2011-06-09
License: 135.00$
Publisher: Sparx Systems
Size: 37.9 Mb
Require: Pentium or AMD 1 . 0Ghz , 128 Mb RAM or similar
System: WinNT4x, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003, Linux, MacOther
Language: English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish

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Enterprise Architect for UML 2.3 9: Enterprise Architect is a flexible, complete and powerful UML 2.3 modeling tool

  • The award winning UML 2.3 powered, team-based modeling environment embraces the full product development lifecycle, with high-performance visual tools for business modeling, systems engineering, enterprise architecture, requirements management, software design, code generation, testing and much more. A full life cycle tool to integrate your team and bring your shared vision to life. Visit
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