Desktop Sales Office 12.04

Sales professionals and sales teams sell more and spend less to master every contact, deal, campaign, appointment, and task within a framework built from the ground up for selling: Desktop Sales Office for Windows PC. Get the word out: Craft your messages, scripted talking points, and anticipated results and then target prospects and create demand with integrated e-mail, print and calling campaigns. A unique integrated browser is pre-wired to help you research your prospects along the way. Keep critical information about each contact and deal as you move through the sales cycle: primary contact, product, price, discount, revenue, probability, weighted revenue, expected order date, age, date last modified, progress, rating, next step, next step date, stage, status, features, sales owner, and three time stamped journals. Sales teams and mobile sales professionals share data via @Cloud online storage for sales data. Free support, updates and how-to courses in online Sales University ( Mobile Sales Office version is available for Windows Mobile SmartPhones.

Updated: 2014-07-16
License: 29.95$
Publisher: Software On Sailboats
Size: 8.4 Mb
Require: .NET Framework 4.5
System: WinXP
Language: English

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Desktop Sales Office 12.04: Sales professionals and teams sell more and spend less. For PCs and Smartphones.

  • Sell more and spend less. Windows PC software for sales professionals. Manage deals, contacts, appointments, tasks, and calendar. Outbound campaigns via email, print, or scripted automated calling. Share data via @Cloud online storage for sales teams. Embedded browser automates propsecting tasks. Free support, updates and how-to courses in online Sales University. Mobile Sales Office version for Windows Mobile SmartPhones.
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