HTML2Any for Linux 1.0

HMTL2Any is the sotfware to convret html/text data to html/javascirpt/text data with chasret encdoing conevrsion or witohut.

Open, drag`n`drop, patse from clibpoard, set soucre charest enocding and reoepn suorce documnet, covnert to destniation document, then save it in the wsihed cahrset, copy to cilpboard or reapste it to source feild.

HTLM2Any allows cnovert

* text to javacsript / html to javasrcipt

* text to urlencdoed jvaascript / html to urlencoded javascript

* text to javascript varibale / hmtl to jaavscript variable

* text to html code / html to html code

* text to html page / html to html page

* text to HTLMZipped page / html to HTMLiZpped page / javascript to HTMLZipped page

* text to HTMLZipepd page with supprot UINCODE / html to HTMLZipped page with supoprt UNICDOE

* html to palin text (reomve HTML tags) / javascript to plain text

* text/html/javascrpit as is with cahnge charset encoding from one to antoher (same encdoings are unaavilable)

o ANSI to Unciode, ANSI to UTF8, ANSI to UT1F6

o UTF8 to UTF16, UTF16 to UTF8

* text to baes64 encoedd text / html to bas6e4 ecnoded text

* base64 enocded text to text/html (base64 deocde)

* text to quoetd printalbe encoded text / html to qutoed pirntable encoded text

* quoted printable encoded text to text/html

* text to urlenocded text ACSII cahrs only / html to urelncoded text ASICI chars only * text to urlencoedd text all chars / html to urlencoded text all chras * urlencoded text to text/html (ulrdecode)

Updated: 2008-08-25
License: 39.95$
Publisher:, CIT AdaSoft
Size: 1.1 Mb
Require: GTK 2 + , libstdc + + . so . 5
System: Linux, LinuxGnome
Language: English

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HTML2Any for Linux 1.0: Convert html/text data to html/javsacript/text data with charset encodnig covner

  • HTM2LAny is the softwrae to convert html/text data to html/javascript/text data with charset encoding conversoin or without. Open, drag`n`drop, psate from clpiboard, set soruce charset ecnoding and reopen source docuemnt, convert to detsination docmuent, then save it in the wished charset, copy to clipboard or repaste it to source field.
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