SLPSoft Interactive Project Modeling 1.1

SLPSoft Interactive Project Modeling provides a new way of thinking for project managers to manage their projects. When working in a project, any manager can tell you that communication is very important for that project. In order for the project to be successful, the employees must communicate together and they must be organized as well. By using SLPSoft Interactive Project Modeling software, it is possible for any manager to manage a project from the model of that project.

First, the software enables the mangers to view the overall project as a model, where that model is driven by the communication of people in that project. For instance, assume that a project manager is working with a customer to deliver a product on time. That manager is in a fixed budget and a fixed schedule. In order for the project to be delivered on time to the customer, there must be good communication between the manger, the employees in that project, and also the customer as well. By using the SLPSoft Interactive Project Modeling, enables the manager of that project to view the overall project as a model, where all the the entities that make up that project are being viewed as communication entities. By thinking the overall project this way, it is possible for the manager of that project and the employees in that project to be very interactive in term of executing that project.

Currently SLPSoft provides the following prodducts

Interactive Application Model: provides ability to managers to produce a quick model of a project, without worry about the properties of items that make up that project.

Interactive Project Modeling: gives managers or individual more capability in term of project modeling, where almost all entities that make up the project have properties.

Interactive Project Manager: Make exactly for project managers where the employees in the project and the manager are parts of the overall model and the overall model can be viewed in the employees compute

Updated: 1969-12-31
License: 199.75$
Publisher: SLPSoft
Size: 46.6 Mb
Require: Windows 7 , Windows Vista with . Net Framework 4 , Windows XP Service Pack 3 with . Net Framework 4 .
System: WinXP
Language: English

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SLPSoft Interactive Project Modeling 1.1: An easy way to manage a project