iJobo 2.1

iJobo is a necessary tool for increasing productivity of your business and save costs by increasing individual and collective performance by controlling each employee`s click.

The program records and analyses your employees’ performance in different projects or areas at which they are working, always with the authorization of the employee.

Get acquainted with the real working time of your team automatically.

Find out how your employees spend their unproductive time.

Monitor all the programs and web sites they use to develop their projects.

Check the intensity with which each employee works by saving keyboard and mouse activity to log files.

Increase individual and team results.

Ijobo realizes a detailed analysis of the activity developed by every worker, gathering the executed applications, the web sites visited, the speed and periodicity of the use of the keyboard and the mouse, and timing the idle time in the working place.

All data collected by the program are displayed in interactive graphics and full listings, reporting to detail the actual working time, the intensity of it and what has been reversed, as well as projects and activities, and the tools used for this.

iJobo is the easiest and automatic program with an easy installation that allows you to use it from the first moment.

Employees can disable their activity recording when they want to carry out a private or personal task, and later reactivate it when they resume their work.

Maximum security and privacy of data through a system of 512-bit encryption that ensures security in the sending and receiving data, readable only by the employee and his manager.

Updated: 2008-12-09
License: Free
Publisher: Silicom Internet
Size: 12 Mb
System: WinXP, Win2000
Language: English, Spanish

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iJobo 2.1: iJobo records and analyzes your employees’ performance

  • iJobo is a necessary tool for increasing productivity of your business and save costs by increasing individual and collective performance. The program records and analyzes the performance of your staff, inform automatically on the effective time of work and the unproductive time, and knowing all the programs and websites that are used to develop their projects.
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