Self Service Password Reset 16.0

Lepide Active Directory Self-service tool allows users to update their sensitive business data in the Active Directory without the help of administrators. LADSS simplifies the job of administrators and end users. It allows end users to accomplish various complex tasks of self-account unlock, self-reset password and self-update information easily & quickly by their own.

This Self Service Password Reset tool integrates GINA/CP (Graphical Identification and Authorization) which can be used across all desktop and server versions of Windows from Windows Server 2003 to Windows 10. GINA/CP allows users to avail features of self-service directly from the login (ALT+DEL+CTRL) screen.

Besides this, LADSS offer an array of features that differentiates it from other tools. The setting we do in LADSS is policy based not domain based so these policies can be effectively applied on the selected policy instead on the domain. It allows you to perform OTP validation in real-time which makes it a safe and secure option to be used by IT administrators. With LADSS, you can directly download CSV file in a proper format as per selected policy, this also makes bulk enrollment process simple and user friendly.

Before purchasing the licensed version of the software, it is recommended to download and try the trial version of LADSS. After analyzing the features and functionalities of the software, you can purchase its licensed version from here:

Updated: 2016-01-15
License: 249.00$
Publisher: Self Service Password Reset
Size: 124.4 Mb
Require: Processor - P3 , 1 . 0 GHz or later version , RAM - 2 GB , Disk Space - 400 MB
System: Win98, WinXP
Language: English

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Self Service Password Reset 16.0: Unlock account and reset password with Lepide AD Self Service software.

  • Lepide Active Directory Self-Service is an easy to use Self-Service password reset solution. It’s a high performance tool with interactive UI. This tool allows end users to perform various complex tasks on their own. With the help of LADSS, users can update information in the AD within fractions of seconds. The tool also enables integration of GINA/CP which enables end users to avail features of self-service directly from their login screen.
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