LASsie for MS Access 5.0

LASsie (Light Application Security) is a Microsoft Access Add-On that enhances your Access application with a simplified user security system. Intended as an alternative to Access’ User-Level Security (which is deprecated in .accdb file formats), LASsie offers a less complicated way to secure forms, reports, controls and certain records from unauthorized user access. With LASsie, you can prevent a user from opening specific forms or reports, restrict their ability to update data on a form, disable certain controls, filter records, and perform custom security functions, all based on the user`s sign on/user name.

LASsie includes a friendly user sign-on form that prompts for a login user name and password. Users can change their own passwords via the included "change password" form. Optionally, the sign-on form can be bypassed and the user`s Windows login user name can be used. Once the user name is verified, the security groups that the user belongs to are loaded. Based on permissions/restrictions assigned to these groups, LASsie determines which forms or reports can be accessed, if data updates are allowed, and more.

LASsie is called "light" application security because it is not intended to be a robust, high-end security application. In fact, a sophisticated user could edit the underlying tables and change their own security level. By hiding the LASsie tables, and/or linking to them in an external, encrypted database, you could minimize the possibility of such potential breaches, but you should understand that we do not guarantee that such a breach will never occur. That being said, LASsie can serve quite well as an application security system where users are relatively unsophisticated, or where application data is not of a highly classified nature.

Updated: 2011-08-19
License: 44.95$
Publisher: Peter`s Software
Size: 3.3 Mb
Require: MS Access 2010 , 2007 , 2003 , 2002 or 2000
System: Win98, WinXP
Language: English, French

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LASsie for MS Access 5.0: A library you can reference to implement form/rpt level security in MS Access.

  • LASsie (Light Application Security) is a library of Microsoft Access objects that you can reference from, or add into your MS Access application to implement basic form/report/control/record level security. With LASsie, you can prevent a user from opening specific forms or reports, restrict a user`s ability to update data on a form, enable/disable certain controls for a user, or limit a user to only certain table records.
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