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Build self esteem with a personalized Santa letter. Yes, it can be done! I have sent a personalized Santa letter to each of my children every Christmas for years, (and I send them directly from the North Pole). These Santa letters are used for a different purpose than the usual “be good” warning…they promote self-esteem in children. They don’t just tell them to be good or Santa will pass them by. They are not used as bait for presents under the tree. Rather, a personalized Santa letter makes children feel good about themselves and celebrates their accomplishments throughout the year. It builds their self confidence and showcases the ways they are really great. Did your daughter learn to ride her bike in July? Did your son whack the winning home run last Spring? Were their grades excellent or were they great in school? Why not remind them now with a letter from Santa Claus, during a season of giving? A season which promotes hope and faith and love… Instill confidence in your children and in yourself as they giggle and rip open their very own personalized Santa letter. Go ahead, tell your kids how much you love them; that you notice the great things they do. Use Santa, the icon, to tell your children how awesome they really are. Customize your Santa letters from start to finish with details only you (or someone watching!) would know. And then, add a paragraph saying anything you wish. Is sending a personalized Santa letter the only thing that you can do to raise your child’s self esteem? Probably not. But, parent to parent, when Santa letters arrive and he tells your children how wonderful they are, it certainly doesn’t hurt. What do personalized Santa letters do? A personalized Santa letter keeps the magic of Santa Claus and Christmas alive. They give parents a way to instill confidence in their children in a way that only Santa can…a way to realize and remember all the amazing things they can, and have done. Order your letters from Santa today.

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personalized santa letter 1.0: Send a personalized Santa letter! Kids love Santa letters and letters from Santa

  • Send a personalized Santa letter today! These Santa letters are not run of the mill letters from Santa! With fun little tidbits about your child, they focus on his or her accomplishments throughout the past year and give a big boost of self esteem. While you’re at it, you can also pick up a “Santa’s A List” good boy or girl certificate as proof that they are the best of the best, and some reindeer food to fuel Santa’s sleigh– kids love it!
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