Software Catalog 2.5.1

Software Catalog is a Windows utility designed to help keep your applications up-to-date. With the latest features and most current bug-fixes installed on your computer, you can ensure that you`re using the most stable, feature-rich versions of all of the programs that you`ve purchased.

As an application database, Software Catalog stores version information, registration information, purchasing information, and web site information for each software package. One click of a button launches a browser window to the upgrade web page for the application, including auto-filling of the user name and password for sites that require a login.

Software Catalog doubles as a web login catalog that stores web sites, user names, and passwords. Save time when securely accessing all of your business, financial, auction, and hobby sites. One click of a button opens the web site and fills in the user name and password fields.

Too many computer users select one easy-to-remember password for all of their online sites. By creating and remembering unique passwords, Software Catalog saves time and increases security. Software Catalog`s built-in password generator supplies random passwords for each site. Your data is protected by the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Whether you`re a business person who wants to ensure that you`re using the latest versions of all of your installed software, a home computer user who wants to manage your software responsibly, or a computer user who needs to save time and increase security by managing online passwords, Software Catalog has the tools that you need.

Updated: 2010-10-19
License: 19.95$
Publisher: Owl King Publishing, LLC
Size: 1.5 Mb
Require: 8MB Hard Disk , 32MB RAM
System: WinXP, Win2000, Win2003
Language: English

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Software Catalog 2.5.1: Software Catalog helps you to manage your computer applications and versions.

  • Software Catalog helps keep your computer software up to date. Most applications have associated web sites where updated versions of the program are available. Some reguiring passwords to access the latest software. Software Catalog brings all the necessary information for version tracking into one location. It stores version numbers, registration information, application web sites, the date you last checked for a software update, and much more.
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