OrgChart Standard 5.1

Create Professional Organization Structure Chart by downloading our OrgChart Standard. Features of OrgChart Standard:

- Chart up to 50 people, in various divisions and teams.

- Automatically create charts using existing data from Excel, Outlook, XML, LDAP & any database source such as PeopleSoft, Oracle, Sap, Kronos, ADP, Meridian, and more.

- Display matrix relationships, vacant positions, contractor vs. permanent status, co-managers, and partner relationships.

- Publish to PowerPoint and Flash (web).

- Calculate headcount and salary summaries for any group. Any hierarchical summaries are now possible.

- Distribute phone directories, asset management reports and company reference data showing as much as more information about the people.

- Attach employee job evaluations, job descriptions, and asset records to each employee as an MS-Office document attachment or link.

- Breakdown larger charts into smaller sub-charts or divisions, for ease of use.

- Hide sensitive information as needed with password protection.

- Choose from dozens of professionally designed templates or create your own.

- Add corporate logos, images, and employee photos to enhance visual impact.

- Create Charts from Multiple Files.

- Auditing Compare Tool for scenario planning and change management.

- Flexible Data Import Supports both One and Two Column Hierarchy Methods.

- Publish to Flash with powerful search and find function.

- Auto fill in information supplied by your computer`s operating system (such as Current Time and Current Date).

- Microsoft Project Import and Export for WBS View. Reads MS Project Schedule (.mpp) files, presenting the project outline in a work breakdown structure (WBS) format.

- Full Unicode Symbols Support. OrgChart Professional supports Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Greek, and other languages requiring Unicode.

Updated: 2011-06-29
License: 59.95$
Size: 36.7 Mb
Require: Pentium III Class PC , VGA video card with 32MB RAM , CD - ROM 8x , 5 MB RAM , 1024 x 768 display
System: Win98, WinME, WinXP
Language: English

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OrgChart Standard 5.1: Create Organization Structure Chart with Orgchart Standard - Best Org Software

  • Start building Organization Structure Chart with Orgchart Standard - Best Org Chart Software. OrgChart Standard is a fantastic tool with the extended data management capabilities to help you in workforce planning process, workforce reorganization and succession planning process.
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