BeatScanner 1.43

It is well known that listening to the right music while exercising can give the workout a real boost. The problem that it is such a hassle to create a playlist with workout music that both matches your taste and also matches your specific workout rate.

BeatScanner is a software that can scan your entire music collection, detect the tempos (measured in beats per minute) of each song and then display the tracks according to criteria you require so you can assemble songs you choose in any order you like and save them on your hard disk or on your mp3 device ready for your next workout.

It`s easy, it`s quick, it`s effective - and of course, it`s totally free.

Updated: 2010-03-04
License: Free
Publisher: Optimistec Ltd.
Size: 2.3 Mb
Require: Media Player 9 of higher , IE 5 . 5 or higher
System: WinXP
Language: English

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BeatScanner 1.43: Unleash the power of your music and create the perfect workout playlists.

  • Do you enjoy listening to music ? Do you do any fitness activities such as walking,running,swimming,aerobics etc. Now imagine doing your workout while listening to your favorite music at a pace that matches your workout - it really pumps you up and enegizes the workout. BeatScanner is a completely free software that helps you to create workout play lists that match your mood and preferred workout rate.
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