Print Favorites for Word 1.5

Print Favorites is a COM add-in for Microsoft Word that helps you to manipulate print-related options, boost print productivity in Microsoft Word.

If you have more than one printers connected to your computer, or if you have ever printed with different types of paper in Microsoft Word, then you know it`s a pain to deal with so many print options. With Print Favorites, you now can manipulate those print options as easy as with favorites in Internet Explorer.

Print Favorites will remember each combination of different option values for you, for example, the print options for printing booklet, for report draft, for placard,etc., and printing all those materials is just one click away. Print Favorites helps you saving time, reducing printing cost.

Print Favorites adopts an easy to use way to manage those options, so each combination of those options become a favorite. In other words, each favorite is a combination of many different option values. You can create or define as many favorites as you like, and organize those favorites using a familiar Organize Favorites window just like in Internet Explorer.

The favorite name will appear under the Print Favorites menu as a menu command after you created it. To active the print options defined in any print favorite, for example "A4 Booklet", just click the corresponding menu command.

Updated: 2015-10-06
License: 19.00$
Size: 5.4 Mb
Require: Office 2000/XP/2003
System: Win98, WinXP
Language: English

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Print Favorites for Word 1.5: An easy way to manage your print work in Word

  • With Print Favorites, you can manipulate all options spread across five different Word dialog windows that are related to print, as easy as working with Favorites in Internet Explorer. For example, you can define print favorites for printing booklet, for report draft, for placard, etc., just like using Word templates, and printing all those materials is just one click away. Print Favorites helps you boosting print productivity in Word.
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