VMPC Security 3

VMPC Security 3 helps you protect your private data. It provides top-level cryptographic security to data stored on your computer. With this application you can:

(1) Encrypt any files and folders and store them securely e.g. for

archiving purposes (on a hard drive or CD/DVD disks) or to transfer

them securely over the Internet so that nobody unauthorised can read

them. You can automatically compress files before encryption so that

they take less disk space. You can also create a self-decrypting

archive in an EXE file. It is enough to know the password to open it -

the application is not needed! You can also split the encrypted archive into

smaller files so that it is possible to copy a big archive e.g. to CD disks.

(2) Encrypt text messages and send them as email.

(3) Generate secure passwords of any length from random mouse moves.

(4) Wipe files from your hard disk so that even specialized

laboratories can`t recover them.

(5) The application comes with an easy to use technical help form - press

F1, then select Technical support form and you will be directed to our

website where you can send us your question!

Updated: 2008-12-18
License: Free
Publisher: okna wroclaw - okna wrocław
Size: 1.1 Mb
System: Win98, WinME, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003
Language: English, Polish

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VMPC Security 3: Encrypts files/folders/emails, wipes files, generates secure passwords

  • Encrypts files and folders and stores them in encrypted archive files. It can compress files before encryption, split archives into smaller files so that they can fit e.g. on CDs. It can generate self-decrypting archives (requiring only password, can be open without the application). Also encrypts emails, wipes files unrecoverably from disk and generates secure passwords from random mouse moves.
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