NetWrix Change Reporter Suite

Every IT infrastructure is dynamic and changes happen daily. Without consistent tracking and auditing of changes, organizations risk losing control over their IT infrastructure and run into security and compliance issues.

NetWrix Change Reporter Suite is an all-in-one auditing solution that tracks and reports all types of changes across multiple platforms and systems. The Change Reporter monitors who changes what, when, where, and reports full change details, such as what was deleted, added, modified, what the previous and new values of modified settings.

The Change Reporter Suite detects changes in Active Directory, Group Policy, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, VMware vSphere, Windows-based file server, SharePoint, NetApp Filer, EMC Celerra, many types of network devices, and other systems.

This product is not shareware. Please contact NetWrix Corporation at to obtain more information.

Updated: 0000-00-00
License: Free
Publisher: NetWrix Auditing and Compliance
Size: n/a
Require: Internet Explorer 6 . 0 , . Net Framework 2 . 0 or later
System: WinXP
Language: English

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NetWrix Change Reporter Suite : IT infrastructure compliance auditing: who changed what in AD, VMware, servers

  • NetWrix Change Reporter Suite as an integrated solution for change auditing and compliance for your entire IT infrastructure. Change auditing is a critical component of all security and compliance regulations. The Change Reporter Suite audits and reports who changed what, when, and where in Active Directory, Group Policy, file servers, VMware, database servers, NetApp and EMC appliances, SQL Servers, SharePoint and other systems.
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