MyBusinessCatalog_Basic License 6.0.0

MyBusinessCatalog will let you create an updateable product catalog on CD, to provide your customers with the actual information on your products. The catalog recorded on a CD will never go obsolete, for it has an online update system.

The update procedure is completely automatic. During completion of the catalog, user enters the data required for the further operation of the update system. The client part receives the update automatically, simply by clicking on the button. Also, you automatically send the new product data from the catalog to the Internet.

The program allows creating a digital product catalog for printing it or for saving it on a CD. You can then pass the CD with the catalog to your customers. The digital version allows creating, printing, and submitting order via e-mail and updating the data via the Internet. The catalog allows entering several recipients to handle the order in different branches or sales departments.

The program features printing the catalog on paper and includes an internal print-copy appearance customization module. The setup has several pre-designed templates for printing the catalog in one, two or three columns. The catalog can display descriptions of any level of details with 2 photos per each product item.

Any of these actions can be applied to the entire catalog, selected group of items or selected items.

The extensive customization features make MyBusinessCatalog an irreplaceable assistance in your business!

Updated: 2007-04-15
License: 379.00$
Publisher: MyBusinessCatalog
Size: 5.5 Mb
Require: A standard Windows PC
System: Win98, WinME, WinXP, Win2003
Language: English, French, German, Hebrew, Latvian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

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MyBusinessCatalog_Basic License 6.0.0: Digital product catalog on CD with internal order creation and submission system

  • MyBusinessCatalog allows creating product catalogs on CD to provide your customers with the latest information on your products. Create and submit orders via e-mail to one of your branches / sales departments right from within the program. Prompt your customer for additional information upon order submission; credit card or discount card number, Tax ID or other information you may need.
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