Mixman StudioPro (Free Version) New (5.0 engine

Mixman(R) is the premiere brand for Remixing on a PC! With a line of software, hardware, sounds and online components, Mixman provides all you need to create mixes, perform like a DJ, and get your music out for the world to hear! And the best part, it won`t break your bank! Mixman StudioPro(TM) is a power packed live remixing and music creation application. Included are 5 integrated Studios: Control Room, Remixing, Editing, FX and Recording. The Remixing Studio is the heart of Mixman, with many real-time parameter controls including Panning, Volume, Pitch, Tempo, Macros, Crossfader, Transformer, W.A.R.P. FX and Scratching. Load tracks one at a time or an entire Mix. (up to 16 discreet tracks with up to 128 samples

per track). Use your computer keyboard to trigger sounds "live", create breaks and develop your own style. Collect sounds in many styles like Hip-Hop, House, Drum n Bass and more. Mixman D-Plates(TM) or Mixman Singles(TM) are entire songs from artists and producers to use with the software. Record your own voice and add it in. Add your own Wav files.

Mixman software utilizes patented synchronous technology, for auto-beat matching. Mix-n-match tracks in different tempos or styles. The FX Studio is a powerful sound design module. 20 state-of-the-art FX including Reverb, Delay, Filters, and more, allow you to process any Wav or Mixman Track file. The graphical Editing Studio enables you to draw, cut, copy, paste, merge and ripple. Finished mixes can Export to various formats including 44k 16

bit stereo Wav, suitable for CD-burning. Upload your music to Mixman Radio(TM) . When ready, upgrade to StudioXPro with even more power: 32 Track playback, Punch-in, Auto-WARP, Voice Overdub Mode, Step Sequencer module, Explode a Track and more! Get the DM2 controller for maximum performance. Add sounds with Soundiscs(TM) . Mixman has a line of wearables for the guys and gals. Are you ready to take control of your music and the crowd? Mixman is ready for you!

Updated: 2003-11-25
License: Free
Publisher: Mixman Technologies, Inc
Size: 8.3 Mb
Require: 16bit Direct X compatible Sound Card or equivalent and proper drivers
System: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinXP, Win2000
Language: English

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  • Mixman StudioPro (TM): Create original music. Perform "live". Mixman`s patented Remix engine enables auto-beat matching. Mix `n match tracks in different styles and tempos. Record your voice. Load your own Wav to mix. Process any sound: 20 state-of-the-art FX. Graphical Editing Studio. Export mixes as CD-ready files, upload to Mixman Radio. Scratching, WARP FX. Collect sounds, artist songs-D-Plates (TM) in many styles, Hip Hop, and more.
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