PHP Login & User Management 1

There`s 2 options for integration:

1) Basic integration - Navigate your files via the script and select the minimum permission level required. Works with all file types.

2) PHP integration - For advanced integration in PHP . Use the script in your existing site to secure your pages to a specific permission level. Works with PHP files.


- Add/Edit unlimited users.

- Set expiry dates for users.

- Set active dates for users.

- Set permission levels.

- Create unlimited custom permission levels.

- Simple setup of permissions via interface, no coding required.

- 5 css templates for the admin area.

- Restrict inline content to specific permission levels.

- The flexibility to restrict music, videos, documents, any files.

- Forgot/Reset password functionality.

- Suspend, disable, expire account.

- Ajax interface.

- Full source code.

We also regularly develop updates and plugins for the script.

Updated: 2014-03-31
License: 39.00$
Publisher: MFScripts
Size: n/a
Require: PHP5 + MySQL . Apache ModRewrite Module . ( for basic authentication )
System: Win98, WinXP, Unix, Linux, LinuxConsole, LinuxGnome, LinuxGPL, LinuxOpenSource, MSDOS, MacOSX, MacOther
Language: English

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PHP Login & User Management 1: PHP Login and User Management Script developed by

  • The user login & management script provides you with a pre-built user management system for you to use as a standalone script, or to integrate with your existing website. It comes with full source code, the interactive demo, 5 css templates and more.
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