CAT Passwords Manager 4.0

Internet/Intranet Strong Authentication and Identity Management solution for SMEs, Etnetrprises and ISPs providing eAuthentication Services to hosted web sites.

In the near future, businesses that do not have a secured web site will not exist. Why? Simple - because their competition WILL have a secured site. With existing technologies today sites are secured. It is the customers who are not secured. They are susceptible to phishing and Identity Stealing. By protecting the customers your business protects itself.

The CAT provides Strong Authentication and Identity Management to Web Servers. Your anonymous customers, visiting and registering at your site, will be able to use the CAT OTP Token to produce One Time Password. You will have no deployment issue, no additional costs and you don’t have to know your customers.

The CAT is an affordable solution, the CAT OTP Tokens are FREE, easy to deploy, secured by TFA OTP strong authentication, can manage any number of CAT Secured Internet Sites/Intranets, does not have hidden costs, does not use SMS or communication.

The 5 users package is free.

Updated: 2008-09-21
License: Free
Publisher: Mega AS Consulting Ltd
Size: n/a
Require: Java enabled Celluars MIDP 2 . 0
System: WinXP, PocketPC, Java
Language: English

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CAT Passwords Manager 4.0: CAT Passwords Manager manages Fixed and One Time Passwords

  • CAT Passwords Manager manages Fixed and One Time Passwords on Java enabled Cellular. Easy to use and secured. Can manage multiple Passwords, PINs and OTPs. Using the menu you can Add, Update, Delete and Serach for sites. Site Details include the Site name, User ID, Password and Password type.
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