FlightCheck Professional MAC 6.0

FLIGHTCHECK(r) PROFESSIONAL- FlightCheck Professional is the prepress application used to manage quality control for printing. This solution provides both native file and PDF preflight checking and is backed by a US patent.

FlightCheck analyzes documents thoroughly and warns you about potential printing problems while guiding you directly to the problem for repair. It issues a complete analysis of the document highlighting errors including wrong document size, missing fonts, incorrect colors, incorrect image resolution and much more. FlightCheck then "collects" all required elements of the print job, such as images and fonts, insuring that jobs print as expected.

The key capability of FlightCheck Professional is its power to scan a wide variety of file formats and image types. A partial list includes - QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign, Acrobat PDF, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe FreeHand, MS OFFICE, CorelDRAW, EPS, TIFF and many more.

FlightCheck`s Ground Control tool gives you full control to create and manage hundreds of preflight checklists. Simply by turning on warnings or errors, you can customize inspection to focus on certain aspects of the document. The Ground Controls Sets can then be shared by importing them into other users` FlightCheck(r) applications.


- Preflights both PDF and non-PDF files

- Preflights multiple print jobs in one session

- Preflights wide range of file types for print

- Minimizes time to identify print errors

- Maximizes printing operations capacity

- Maximizes feedback to your customers

- Save money by eliminating job re-prints


- Stand-Alone application

- Refined Interface for PDF preflighting

- Categories of potential problems

- Customizable rule sets to check PDF and non-PDF files

- QuarkXPress 7 and InDesign CS3 support

- Support for third-party font applications

- Customizable font & image paths

- Scans, reports and collects the entire job

- Much, much more !

Updated: 2007-05-14
License: 499.00$
Publisher: Markzware
Size: 18.7 Mb
Require: MACINTOSH OS / X 10 . 3 + , PowerMac / IntelMac + , 512 MB Free RAM
System: MacOSX
Language: English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish

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  • FLIGHTCHECK(r) PROFESSIONAL - Robust PDF preflight tool for printers and publishers. Checks and reports all aspects of the document including document size, fonts, colors and images and much more. Collects all images, fonts and other associated elements of the job. Enables complete quality control of Microsoft, Adobe and Quark documents. It is a stand-alone application.
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