Make Your Own Browser 10.1.09

Make Your Own Browser lets you decide how your web browser looks and works. If you want to change the name, icons, colors, or links, you have the power. And, it doesn`t take an experienced programmer or 1000s of hours to do it. Build your browser in just a few minutes!

While many good browsers exist, none are yours! It`s theirs. It`s their features, their links, their icons, their control. But, now your browser is here! All it takes is changing some simple text files and you are on your way. With Make Your Own Browser, you control the web unlike any other.

Make a browser for yourself (e.g. My Personal Browser), your family and friends (e.g. SmithFamily Browser), your website ( Browser), or your business (SomeBrowser, Inc. Browser). You can make a browser for special occassions or special purposes. You can make your browser any way you want!

With Make Your Own Browser, you get to change it as much as you want. It is free and the only limit is the time you spend on it. There is no huge learning curve to get started. You can make changes immediately to your browser. All it takes is changing a few simple text files, with easy to understand tags. There are no complicated structures, relationships, nor commands here.

There are so many ways to make your own browser. You can have different kinds of navigation buttons. You can create your own session files. Session files let you create `libraries` of related links that you can load whenever you like, which avoids the clutter of favorites. You can add search engines you want with simple editing of a text file. And, you can send messages to your browser from your website.

You are not limited to making just one browser. Make as many as you like. If you want one for family and friends, another for your website, and another for your business, or your employer, there is no limitation. Who knows? As you get more experienced making your own browsers, others may want you to make one for them, too!

Updated: 2011-01-04
License: Free
Publisher: Make Your Own Browser
Size: 3.2 Mb
Require: Windows
System: WinXP
Language: English

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Make Your Own Browser 10.1.09: Make Your Own Browser lets you build a web browser with the name you choose!

  • Make Your Own Browser lets you create your own browser for your website visitors, customers, friends, and family. Name your browser, use your images, and your colors. Your browser has 1-click updates (so you`re always a click away from your users), auto-login, sessions, and a robust pop-up blocker. And, no nag windows while browsing. Those are the annyoing windows that stop your browsing until you click Yes or No. You get trouble-free browsing.
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