WebSite Auditor SEO Tool 1.11.7

WebSite Auditor Professional is a state-of-the-art SEO tool for on-page optimization. This smart SEO software helps you shape a winning SEO strategy based on the battle-tested techniques of your on-line competitors. It picks out top 10 rivaling sites and runs their in-depth analysis to figure out what helped them hit Google`s top. As soon as that task is done Website Auditor gives pro advice on how to outrank website`s rivals. It suggests quick changes that have been proved to take effect as quick as overnight giving your website a smashing jump-up in search engines` results.

Using WebSite Auditor you will:

-evaluate how your website is optimized

-know what exactly search engines require to rank you high

-get a detailed pattern of your top 10 on-line competitors` on-page optimization strategies

-see what areas on your site need improving

-calculate the optimal keyword density for all HTML elements of your webpage

-get a detailed optimization advice

-generate optimization reports for your web pages ( such as A-Z Optimization Report with detailed step-by-step advice for SEO beginners; Search Engines View Report that lets you have a look at your website through search engines` eyes, etc.)

and much more.

This must-have SEO tool is feature-rich yet baby-simple to apply, so that even an SEO greenie can make good use of this software. There are lots of workspace filters available so you can unclutter your working area to get easy access to the information at the time you need.

WebSite Auditor is 100% search engine friendly software. This SEO tool supports Google, Yahoo! and Bing API keys to run safe search engine checks. Besides there are advanced Human Emulation features that guarantee safe work with search engines.

WebSite Auditor currently supports 639 search engines. It is constantly updated to keep pace with search engines algorithm changes.

Get WebSite Auditor on your PC or Mac and powercharge your website! Free downloads available!

Updated: 2010-06-03
License: 99.75$
Publisher: SEO Software
Size: 41.7 Mb
Require: Java Runtime Environment 1 . 5 +
System: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT4x, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003, Unix, Linux, LinuxGnome, MacPPC, MacOSX, MacOther
Language: English, German, Russian

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WebSite Auditor SEO Tool 1.11.7: An authoritative on-page SEO software to make your site Google`s favourite.

  • WebSite Auditor is a breakthrough SEO tool for SEO dummies and experts. It`s must-have SEO software for onpage optimization and effective content writing. This savvy SEO tool does thorough competition research analyzing your top 10 competitors` websites for the keywords you want to milk on, generates customizable reports and gives you a detailed step-by-step instruction to get a few steps closer to a desirable high ranking in search engines.
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