SEO SpyGlass 4.5.3

You can get a backlink checker that will tell you Google PR for all backlink pages. You can get another link checker that will tell you their social media rankings. And another one to checks Alexa and Compete scores...

Tell you what, there is One nice backlink checker that does all of the above, and more - it`s called SEO SpyGlass.

Here are a few cool things you can do with it:

- Find the backlinks leading up to your site or reveal all the hidden backlink sources used by your top competitors. (If you aren`t targeting those backlinks already, better do it now to beat the top ranked guys.)

- Collect up to 80, 000 juicy and content-relevant links in one shot.

- Check number of in-links and out-links on a linking page and find each backlink`s LinkValue.

- See the backlink page URL, and study its title page and anchor text to gain some valuable keyword insights from best ranked sites in your niche.

- Find if the backlink page is listed in DMOZ and Yahoo online directories - such listings are a great indicator of the backlink page SEO worth.

- Analyze backlink`s domain name, IP address and country of origin.

- Find out the number of domain`s pages indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing.

- See the date when each backlink page was cached.

It only gets better from here on -

- Find out how many visits each backlink drives to your site by simply logging into your Google Analytics account right through SEO SpyGlass.

- See if the backlink shows up in search engine backlink listings (SEO SpyGlass will tell you if the backlink is "new", "removed" or if it "remains" in the listings as before.)

- Find out if your competitors are getting backlinks from forums and blogs, and if so, you might want to join in.

Backlink research is this simple: 1. Get SEO SpyGlass. 2. Find competitor backlinks 3. Unveil their link building strategy 3. Copy it 4. And counterattack to get their best backlink providers to promote your own site.

But first things first - Get SEO SpyGlass.

Updated: 2011-07-28
License: 99.75$
Publisher: SEO Software
Size: 48.5 Mb
Require: Java Runtime Environment 1 . 5 +
System: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT4x, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003, Unix, Linux, LinuxGnome, MacPPC, MacOSX, MacOther, Java
Language: English, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Slovak, Spanish

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SEO SpyGlass 4.5.3: Meet Link-Assistant.Com`s SEO SpyGlass tool - your private backlink detective.

  • Ever wonder how SEO pro`s check for backlinks? It`s no rocket science, especially when you own prime technology like SEO SpyGlass. Feed top 10 competitor sites into the program, and, in a moment, SEO Spy Glass reveals their balinks, thousands of them, and not just any links but the very best ones that made your competitors land to the Google top. Want to land there too? Get SEO SpyGlass, and make it happen. Web`s juiciest links guaranteed!
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