SEO SpyGlass New 1.0b4

Tired of messy, bulky or skimpy backlink tools? Download SEO SpyGlass New - a distinguished rep of new-generation SEO tools!

SEO SpyGlass New is a fresh-of-the-press incarnation of the good old SEO SpyGlass tool.

Here are just some of the new features you are going to love:

1. Cross-project data search. Your backlink data is no longer saved to separate projects. The stats are now automatically sent to an all-inclusive database you can access at any time.

2. New task manager. The new, revamped task manager allows you to manage all SEO SpyGlass processes in one window.

3. The ability to pause tasks. Any task can now be paused at any time to be continued later.

4. Revamped task scheduler. Do you remember how you work on scheduling only one task at a time in the old SEO SpyGlass? The new scheduler is more flexible and lets you set tasks for multiple projects in one place.

5. Seamless link database integration. SEO SpyGlass New now draws on one of the fastest-growing backlink indices on the Internet - the WebMeUp backlink database. Over 15 billion new links are added to it daily!

6. Multi-format data export. SEO SpyGlass New lets you export data in CSV, TSV or XLSX.

7. Improved report export. There are now more formats to choose from while exporting SEO reports: HTML, HTM, PHP, ASP, JSP, SHTM, ASPX, PDF. Plus, you can make them portrait- or landscape-oriented, as well as set paper size and margins.

And much more!

Don`t take our word on it - try SEO SpyGlass New for yourself! Choose from Free, Professional or Enterprise versions and get JUST the functionality you need.

No more rage-inducing SEO tools - no more slow-progressing link building campaigns.

Get your copy of SEO SpyGlass New now. Click Download!

Updated: 2014-01-10
License: 299.75$
Publisher: SEO Software
Size: 62.9 Mb
Require: Java Runtime Environment 1 . 6 +
System: WinXP, Unix, Linux, LinuxGnome, LinuxGPL, LinuxOpenSource, MacOSX
Language: English

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SEO SpyGlass New 1.0b4: SEO SpyGlass New: your backlink analysis experience fully revamped. Free trial!

  • SEO SpyGlass New is a redesigned version of the much-loved SEO tool that takes a whole new approach to backlink research. It`s uber-intuitive, fast and even feature-richer than before. Tap into one of the fastest-growing link indices on the Web, discover a plethora of backlink opportunities, make quick, well-informed decisions & vow your clients with expert reports in their preferred formats. Give SEO SpyGlass New a shot today! Hit Download.
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