SEO in Practice 2.0

SEO field changes by day.

What`s in?

Are you keeping up?

Tune in to search industry`s hottest trends with "SEO in Practice" - free SEO training module for aspiring Web marketers developed by Dan Richmond - SEO guru and senior SEO strategy advisor to Link-Assistant.Com:

"Over the past 10-something years in the business of search, clients had often asked me for book advice on search marketing and site promotion. Though I knew and read many, few were good, none were great.

What`s great, you say? You know, the fun, informative, cut-the-crap, real-world-SEO type of book. So I thought "if I write it, they will come".

That`s basically how "SEO in Practice" ventured out of my mind and into the limelight.

I love challenges, and if you are into SEO for the long haul, so should you. That`s why I made "SEO in Practice" more than just another e-book - it`s a new-age SEO bootcamp! It`s like you are back to college - Professor Richmond gives out quizzes after each chapter, and he is tough!

So, if you barely hold your eyes open reading another "good" SEO book, tune into "SEO in Practice" - it will keep you on your toes.

I broke down SEO in Practice into 4 how-to sections: keyword research, onpage optimization, backlink research and link building.

There, I teach you how to master vital SEO techniques (by hand and with the help of SEO software) and share my most insightful case studies.

All is said and done, what`s in "SEO in Practice" for you? To make it short: What you will learn here will EXPLODE your website sales! No kidding.

I dare you to challenge my views on search - "SEO in Practice" is open for comments. Share your SEO advice and opinions with other learners, and yes, ask me questions - I read and respond to them all.

Come, let`s delve into the exciting world of SEO together!



Senior SEO Consultant,


P.S. Graduation SEO certificates available! - Hit download and get reading.

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SEO in Practice 2.0: Become Web`s next search guru with Dan Richmond`s “SEO in Practice” free e-b

  • SEO bootcamp at your very home with "SEO in Practice" - free SEO training module for beginner SEO learners put together by Dan Richmond - SEO consultant with a decade-long SEO track record. Parables and humor, real-world case studies and lively, Dan-moderated discussions on latest SEO trends. Quizzes at the end of each chapter to drill down SEO tenets to your brain`s core. You see, SEO education can be fun! Ready for a challenge? Let`s go!
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