Rank Tracker SEO Tool 4.13.2

Looking for a powerful SEO tool to free you from checking your website`s rankings manually? Want your SEO campaign to pay off most lavishly? Then Rank Tracker is your SEO dream come true.

This 2-in-1 SEO software takes care of two most important aspects of any SEO campaign.

First, find the right words to optimize your website for. Rank Tracker digs up thousands of keywords (relevant to your business niche) via 15 effective search methods and helps you choose only the most juicy ones by calculating their KEI (the most reliable criterion to evaluate keyword effectiveness in terms of SEO)

Next, keep track of how your SEO campaign is progressing by checking how your website`s rankings change in any of 610 local and international search engines. In a mouse click, this indispensable SEO tool checks and re-checks your website`s position for any number of keywords, compares current results to the results of your previous checks and draws a progress graph to show how your SEO things are going even more clearly. Any time you need, you get a detailed report on your keyword research and ranking progress.

To spare you still more time, the savvy SEO software can be tuned to check search engine rankings completely on autopilot. Just set the time and date, and devout your time to whatever you want.

Plus, the software is absolutely easy in use. It`s fitted up with wizards to lead you through each and every task. For your convenience, the workspace in Rank tracker is highly customizable: select or easily create any workspace filter to sort the information you need at the moment. Quick filter lets you find any item you`re looking for within a second.

Furthermore, with Rank Tracker you always stay within search engines` policies due to the software`s rock-solid safety features: Human Emulation, Proxy Rotation and User Agents.

Give Rank Tracker a test drive and see for yourself why thousands of users entrust their SEO to this gold nugget of an SEO tool.

Updated: 2010-04-16
License: 99.75$
Publisher: SEO Software
Size: 40.7 Mb
Require: Java Runtime Environment 1 . 4 +
System: WinXP, Win2000, Win2003, Unix, Linux, LinuxGnome, MAC68k, MacPPC, MacOSX, Java
Language: English, German, Javanese, Russian

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Rank Tracker SEO Tool 4.13.2: A most powerful SEO tool for rankings monitoring and keyword research

  • 2-in-1 SEO tool: check your rankings in 610 international and local search engines and dig up most traffic-attracting keywords for your website promotion. Rank Tracker lets you find keywords via 14 research methods, helps you pick out only the most SEO-valuable ones, and keeps an eagle eye on how your website`s search engine rankings for all chosen keywords change as you progress with your SEO campaign.
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