AD Admin & Reporting Tool 4.0

AD Admin & Reporting tool provides a very simple windows like interface to generate reports which you can print or export to various formats (Excel, csv and LDIF). It also provides a very simple and easy wizard to schedule reports using windows scheduler. Furthermore it also provides one click searches to query active directory a necessary tool for the help desk personals or administrators to enable/disable accounts, reset user password etc. AD Admin & Reporting tool provide administrators and developers with both LDAP and Active Directory view of the directory (To view the Active Directory attribute names just select `properties` from right click context menu).

AD Admin & Reporting Tool Features:

1. Easy Active Directory Management and Administration

2. Over 200 Out of the box reports & Predefined Searches (Objects, Logon, User, Password, Account..)

2. Connect to Active Directory locally, remotely or using SSL

3. Easy Active Directory User Management

4. Easy Active Directory Domain Management

5. Easy Active Directory Group Management

6. Query Active Directory with SQL Like Syntax

7. Schedule Exports to File System and/or send them through Email

8. Run LDIF, CSV and Excel Export from command line

9. Visual LDAP Query Builder

10. Drag and Drop

11. View all available attributes

12. Customization according to your needs

Updated: 2009-07-03
License: 395.00$
Publisher: LDAPSoft
Size: 12.5 Mb
System: Win98, WinNT4x, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003, Linux, LinuxGPL, LinuxOpenSource
Language: English

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AD Admin & Reporting Tool 4.0: Admin & Reporting Tool for Active Directory

  • AD Admin & Reporting tool is a powerful Active Directory administration and reporting solution. It is simple, easy to use, cost-effective and comes with over 200 out of the box reports and over 200 predefined one click searches. Report results are presented in a variety of ways, providing easy understanding and meaningful comparisons by all readers.
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