Retail Barcode Maker Pro. 3.70

This barcode generator, Retail Barcode Maker Pro makes EAN 13, UCC 12, UCC 13, UCC 8, EAN 8, UPC A, UPC E, GTIN-12, GTIN-13, ISBN, ISSN, ISMN barcodes and they all support No, 2, 5 Digit supplement. Retail Barcode Maker Pro supports no less than 30+ barcode types . You will be able to save the barcode image as a TIFF,PNG,JPG,BMP,PDF or as a vector barcode in the Enhanced MetaFile (EMF) or Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) both CMYK and RGB color mode are supported. The CMYK barcode can be used in e.g. Adobe Illustrator. EXIF information can be added to the TIFF and JPG and PDF file. The barcode generator have a predefined barcode size settings recommended by GS1 for most barcodes, one click to access. The ISBN barcode have a build in database for easy formating also the ISMN have a build in database. Barcode label printing is available and can have an additional image added to the barcode label, choose one of the 330+ predefined labels or define your own. Use the barcode list to add products and select one or more to save barcode image(s) and/or barcode label printing of more than one product in one go. The barcode list can be made in the barcode software itself (*.bim) or in MS Excel(*.xls) or as a text file(*.txt). Also the path to the barcode image can be Exported/saved in a MS Excel spreadseet or comma delimited text file, so you can link the barcode image in MS Publisher, Adobe InDesign and other software titles. Add barcode images(s) in a MS Excel spreadsheet. Sequential barcoding is also available and will make just about any sequence needed. You will of cause be able to set almost any of the settings for the barcode, if needed, x-dim, bar height, Quiet Zone, padding, bearer bar, Light Margin, rotate barcode and much more. Add additional text on the barcode using Free Text. Easy to use Help file included in setup. Video tutorials are available online. If you are serious about barcode making, then please try this barcode software, Retail Barcode Maker Pro today.

Updated: 2015-04-25
License: 48.00$
Publisher: Lars Sams
Size: 16.7 Mb
Require: 1 Ghz processor , 512 MB RAM , 1024x768 res .
System: WinXP
Language: English

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Retail Barcode Maker Pro. 3.70: 30+ supported barcode types, make a barcode image or Print barcodes on labels

  • This barcode generator supports no less than 30+ barcode types, UPC, EAN, ISBN, ISSN, ISMN and more.You will be able to save the barcode image as a TIFF,PNG,JPG,BMP,PDF or a vector barcode in the EMF or EPS format, also CMYK support. build in ISBN database for easy formating. Barcode label printing is available and can have an additional image added. Sequential barcoding.
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