MemoMaster (english) 3.5.10

MemoMaster is a powerful MS-Word and MS-Excel compatible free outliner software.

It administers all kinds of information, e.g. Phone transcripts, lists, addresses, descriptions or any item that needs be found again.

The structure of a database is created with the support of folders and Text or Calculation Memos in a tree.

The content of a Text Memo may be edited with the internal word processing tool.

In a spreadsheet of a Calculation Memo, data may be listed or calculations can be executed. Folder or Memos can be highlighted or equipped with icons.

Apart from files, tables, form fields, pictures, links to other Memos, e-mails or websites may be inserted.

All content may be printed out exported either a document in Microsoft Word or Acrobat -- including table of contents -- or a table in Excel including functions.

The Memo Search allows the research for content, titles, form fields, dates as well as several search terms that are all, not or minimally included.

Selected text can be looked up online to cross-reference in Google or Wikipedia.

MemoMaster is free for non-commercial users. We recommend the Small-Business-Edition or the Professional-Edition for power users and commercial users that require further functions, such as e.g. network support, password protection, PDF export, creation of templates, favorites assignment, table template assistant, automatic download of current product updates via web update, usage of calculation formulas as well as drag & drop comfort for the import of e-mails, Word or Excel files.

MemoMaster Version 3 offers many new features. A detailed list may be viewed at:

Updated: 2010-04-09
License: Free
Publisher: JBSoftware
Size: 20.4 Mb
Require: Windows Operating System
System: WinME, WinNT3x, WinNT4x, WinXP, Win2000, Win2003
Language: English

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MemoMaster (english) 3.5.10: A free outliner software to administer texts and calculations.

  • MemoMaster is a powerful MS-Word and MS-Excel compatible free outliner software. It administers information of all kinds in the familiar tree structure. Documents, tables, form fields, pictures and links to other Memos, e-mails, websites and files may be inserted in so called Memos. The Memo Search tool is able to search and filter for all content, dates and several search terms.
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