iSpQ Video Chat MAC 7.2.151

iSpQ VideoChat is affordable, easy-to-use software that connects you to a video community where you can share your web cam images with friends, family or someone new. The iSpQ VideoChat Community is home to over 1.8 million users from 182 countries; with dozens of interest groups (Family, Adult, Gay, and more) engaged in live chat, there is something for everyone. Full screen video, high resolution and Mac OS compatibility make iSpQ a powerful video suite for many uses.

Features include photo instant messaging, v-mail, video messaging, 5 way video chat, chat rooms, and photo profiles of all community members. iSpQ includes advanced network diagnostic abilities that allow it to work with Internet sharing networks. Now you can video message and videochat with your shared broadband connection. iSpQ will automatically optimize your computer and Internet speed for the best video and audio performance. It provides fast video performance, whether your connection is modem-based or broadband. Full Unicode support allows you to text message and chat in any language. Customer support and an online knowledgebase allow you to easily get online with your web cam.

Updated: 2005-05-20
License: 39.95$
Publisher: iSpQ Video Chat
Size: 5.6 Mb
Require: 1gHz or greater , 128 MB of RAM or above , Broadband Recommended
System: MacOSX
Language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

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iSpQ Video Chat MAC 7.2.151: iSpQ VideoChat lets you share web cam images & live video with people worldwide.

  • iSpQ "Eye Speak" VideoChat is an affordable, easy-to-use software application providing visual communication between friends, family and colleagues. The iSpQ VideoChat Community is home to over 1.8 million users from 182 countries. Optimized for use on modem or broadband, iSpQ provides unmatched video performance. Features include: photo instant messaging, multi-person videoconferencing, automatically optimized connection speeds and more!
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