Proteg Enterprise 2005 4.7

Proteg Enterprise 2005 is a software that allows users to secure their personal or notebook computers by preventing unauthorized access. It fortifies the existing Windows login mechanism by binding the user account to a ubiquitous hardware device: A portable USB flash drive (USB Key, USB storage device, thumbdrive). An additional hardware component becomes compulsory in order to login to the computer, instead of relying solely on the conventional username and password pair.

Offering greater security than passwords alone, this hardware based system (commonly known as a two-factor authentication system) creates a physical link between a user and his identity. In a two-factor authentication system like Proteg, the user is required to present the physical hardware (something the user has) and provide the correct password (something the user knows) that corresponds to the said hardware in order to gain legitimate access to the system.

The sofware supports both local and Windows domain login.

Updated: 2005-03-21
License: 29.90$
Publisher: Inflexpoint Technologies
Size: 2.4 Mb
Require: 128MB RAM
System: WinXP, Win2000, Win2003
Language: English

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Proteg Enterprise 2005 4.7: Use your USB flash drive for Windows logon, access control or authentication.

  • Proteg Enterprise 2005 allows you to convert a standard portable USB flash drive (USB storage device) into a security token, that can be used to securely access your PC. After installation you are prompted for a USB flash drive and can then protect your current user account. To access your PC with that account, you will need the created USB key, as well as an additional password - you will always need both, the USB flash drive and the password.
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