Accent Access Password Recovery 2.01

Accent Access Password Recovery (or A2PR in short). This utility works with MS Access 95/97/2000 database files. MS Access 95/97/2000 has the capability to lock up the database and keep the password on it. It may be useful if you want to protect your data from another`s eyes. But we all some times forget our passwords. What will you do if this happens? You can wait for a long time without results trying to recollect the password used on the file. Or you can restore the data from a backup copy (on it there can also be an older forgotten password). But there is quick and a better way, the password can be recovered instantly if you make use of A2PR! A2PR — is a program that recovers passwords for MS Access 95/97/2000 database files.

Updated: 2002-10-12
License: 25.00$
Publisher:  Independent software developer
Size: n/a
Require: Windows system
System: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT4x, Win2000
Language: English, Russian

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  • If you lose or forget the password for MS Access, don`t despair - you can use Accent Access Password Recovery to recover the password faster than otherwise. The Accent Access Password Recovery can recover the passwords in MS Access 95/97/2000. You simply open your password protected file and this program will find, show, and save the password. A2PR has a nice GUI; supports drag-n-drop function for opening files, and is a small download.
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