IncrediMail to Mac Mail 4.1

If you want to convert IncrediMail to Mac mail then get IncrediMail to Mac mail conversion tool which is the most brilliant program with advanced technology to import incrediMail to Mac Mail. Our software converts IncrediMail to Mac Mail along with all email attachments and Meta data information (to, cc, bcc, sent and received dates). An additional advantage with our software is that it preserves all read and unread status regarding IncrediMail emails. Download the Demo version of PCVARE IncrediMail Converter tool that is absolutely free to convert IncrediMail to Mac Mail. With Demo version you can convert only 10 IncrediMail emails to Mac Mail format so as to test efficiency of our software before buying it. Convert IncrediMail to Mac Mail with all attachments, formatting, Meta data, and Read/unread status. Users can run incredimail to Mac mail converter on Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, 7 etc. if you want to full converting of emails from IncrediMail to Mac Mail then you have to pay $99. For more information you can go our website -

Updated: 2011-03-31
License: 99.00$
Publisher: IncrediMail to Mac Mail
Size: 2.3 Mb
Require: Pentium II 400 MHz , 64 MB RAM , Minimum 10 MB Space
System: Win98, WinXP
Language: English

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IncrediMail to Mac Mail 4.1: IncrediMail to Mac Mail conversion in effective way by IncrediMail converter

  • IncrediMail to Mac Mail Converter is efficient program for converting email from IncrediMail to Mac Mail. This software can convert IncrediMail to Mac Mail along with email attachments and also helps users to convert IncrediMail to Mac mail with batch conversion mode -
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