CMeanGame-Promo 2.2

Click and drag: Token is moveable inside of its belonging row or column. All tokens are floating in one single layer over the game board.

Tokens are divided in 4 different sets; one-set is corresponding to one-pathway.

Yin Yang is the token, the background field and the missing part of each one set simultaneously.

Aim of the game - match the background pattern by completing set by set of identical tokens.

Hints are straight available by clicking the Hint button - or by setting up the Auto-Hint option in Setup Menu.


- Relax, our Hint that is able to solve the complete game

- Review all moves by using backward and forward buttons

- Your temporal game has saved already

- Amazing video effects

Game modes: the CmeanGame Promo has two game modes: Casual and Zen.

Updated: 2012-02-24
License: Free
Publisher: Impresa
Size: 9.8 Mb
Require: 256MB of RAM , 1 . 0GHz processor , 64MB graphic card
System: WinXP
Language: English

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CMeanGame-Promo 2.2: CmeanGame Promo - innovative board and puzzle game of the CmeanGame Series.

  • New Game mechanics is the best surprise in this game: - game board is not passive background, but movable part of the game - tokens inside the completed set are moving from path to path instead of from field to field - token pushed out of the game board immediately re-enters from the other side of the same row or column
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